Women Leadership Summit: Powerful Women Today “Taking it Global”

Join us for a day of Women Global Leadership.

What does it take to be a global leader today? What is the one element holding women back from true global leadership?

Meet industry leaders and women business founders who have achieved mastery of their craft and have leverage their careers, businesses and lives to take their leadership to global success.

Powerful Women Today is a leadership accelerator, championing women’s emotional and financial independence.

I am thrilled to be the Keynote Speaker alongside the amazing Cindy Ashton!

Presentation Title: “I Can, I Will, Just Watch Me”
The presentation provides real-life stories, examples and anecdotes of overcoming professional and personal challenges, realizing our personal desire for betterment can be achieved and how we can work towards accomplishing our goals despite what may seem like daunting obstacles. From the kitchen table to global…

For more information please visit www.powerfulwomentoday.com


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