Exclusive Online Masterclass: What’s Your Worth?

I often get asked how I do all the things I do… business, family, time to myself (well I try at least!) and the answer is I have great people around me I can count on AND I’ve broken through my barriers to BELIEVE I am worthy of success. This includes believing I can and will build my wealth.

I do this through my money mindset. And what does this mean?

Imagine breaking down your fear that you can’t pay your bills this month? Or how am I going to earn enough to stop working so hard? Or when will I finally be able to afford an item without sacrificing?

I am excited to be the co-host with Vanessa Smith on a one-hour Exclusive Online Masterclass“What’s Your Worth?” where we will explain HOW you breakthrough to believing in your worth!

Mastering Your Money Mindset is the key to creating the financial life you desire. The first step in the process is to uncover and identify your money blocks. Some of the topics we’ll cover with you in this Masterclass:

  • Uncover your Money Blocks – the deep-rooted limiting money beliefs that have held you back and kept you stuck
  • Understand your Money Personality Type so that you can discover who you truly are (ie. Diva, Hoarder, Worrywart or Dodger)
  • Understand your emotional connection, beliefs and perceptions about money
  • Breakdown self-sabotaging money habits and behaviours
  • and more

Click here for the details and to register for Saturday, February 2. Join us from the comfort of your own home, grab your coffee, get comfy and ready to learn… and ask yourself, what am I worth? We’ll help you find out!



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