The Thrive Summit

Inspire, educate and prioritize in your life. Learn from wonderful speakers to capture any aspect of your personal and business world.
Why Thrive?

This event (and our podcast) will disrupt the way you do things currently in many aspects of your life. Aren’t you tired of compartmentalizing your life when in reality it really does not work this way – especially if you happen to be an entrepreneur! No more silos. We are going to explore the whole person and professional to see how we can thrive and grow in all aspects of your business and personal life. We are going to help you prioritize the thrive in your life!

Some may describe life success as finding a position or business where this statement is true “Work=Play” – Can you imagine how fulfilling that would be? Expect something out of the ordinary!

Join me in the afternoon where I will be speaking on Choosing The “Right” Choice In Your Life

The Thrive Summit will take place April 4, 2016 at the Centre for Health and Safety Innovation conveniently located by the airport and major highways and includes free onsite parking

The Centre for Health and Safety Innovation
5110 Creekbank Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 0A1

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