Claudia Harvey Featured on CUTV News Radio

Claudia Harvey Featured on CUTV News Radio


A great idea doesn’t always have to change life as we know it. Sometimes a great idea solves a simple problem with a simple solution and in-turn becomes the jumping off point for new ideas and initiatives!

Over a BBQ on a Labor Day weekend, Claudia Harvey and a friend had been discussing how easy it was to ruin their manicured hands in the garden. For women who love to take care of their nails as much as they enjoy gardening, this was a big problem. The concept of Dig It® was born in the backyard over beers.

Today, Claudia Harvey is the co-founder and CEO of Dig It® Apparel, which specializes in manufacturing utility gloves for women that protect a woman’s nails in the garden and any DIY project. Dig It’s gloves have an Industrial Design patented pillow-top protector that sits on top of the fingernail inside each fingertip, which cushions the nail with a form fit. The unique design inhibits debris from getting to the nails.
Within six weeks of launching, Dig It® had drawn interest from 42 independent retailers across Canada.

But Claudia’s life truly changed when the company pitched on Dragon’s Den, Canada’s version of Shark Tank, where they partnered with investor Kevin O’Leary. Following the broadcast, big box stores like Home Depot Canada and Lowes expressed interest. In 2010,Dig It®t shipped its first order.

“Our customers love the product,” says Claudia. “Dig It® is a small Canadian company that launched in the recession, and now we are expanding significantly in the US. The only way we can do that is if the consumers continue to love your product and you evolve over time and always look at new opportunities for growth.”

“It has changed my life…”

Since her appearance on Dragon’s Den, Claudia has become a public speaker on entrepreneurship and women’s’ empowerment speaking on international stages with influencers such as Tony Robbins and Mark Victor Hansen.

Dig It® was the start of Claudia’s entrepreneurial journey and the personal and business growth continues to expand. She learned from the best and evolved from “pitcher” to “investor” and invest in other businesses such as Let It Go™ . Claudia also created On The Verge™ to meet the need of business owners seeking advice. On the Verge™ is a consulting company where any size business can receive advice and guidance in their business.

And giving back is now a huge focus for Claudia. She sits on the international Board of Global Teen Wealth, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping and guiding youth to empower their lives through entrepreneurship.

“I’m grateful that I’m able to provide guidance based on years of accumulated knowledge to impact and change young lives for the better. That is incredibly rewarding.”

Listen to the interview with award-winning host Jim Masters on CUTV News Radio.
Part 2 of this interview will be broadcast on September 25th at 2pm EDT: listen live at Blogtalkradio.
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