Grace, Balance, Balance Podcast – Interview with Claudia Harvey

You have a business idea, now what?

Claudia was interviewed on the Grace Peace Balance Radio Show on how you get your idea to actually making money as a business.

Claudia Harvey is Co-Founder and CEO of Dig It® Apparel Inc. ( that launched sales in 2009; Dig It entered the Dragons’ Den (CBC’s top-rated flagship business program) and faced the scrutiny of the Dragons. One of the few women to successfully strike “A Deal with the Dragon,” with venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary’s, Dig It struck a deal in Season 4 and has seen considerable national retail growth.


Many many people have ideas. Who hasn’t thought of something in passing and said “They should make xyx…” but never taking it to the next level. Dig It went to the next level and then some by creating a nail protective gardening glove for women and creating an Industrial Design patent on their idea!

This business led to other ventures and Claudia now helps others launch their ideas.

Listen to podcast at the Grace Peace Balance Radio Show

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