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One of the key critical pieces of business is influencing others to your own point of view …or in other words, sales. We sell ourselves every day in a variety of ways and SALE is not a four letter bad word! Often people are intimidated by the concept of sales and don’t need to be daunting.
Learning how to be assertive without being aggressive, informative without being pushy… these are skills we can all learn.
The Master of Influence™ Online Program is a powerful 7-week course that will teach you:

– How to identify immediate opportunities to close business
– Strategies to increase your repeat customers
– How to add immediate revenue to your business
– How to overcome your fears when entering ANY room
– To increase your confidence so you will “own” any conversation
– Face-forward, strategic branding methods to secure your brand in the marketplace
– The “4 Pillars of the Perfect Pitch” to use in ANY personal and business meeting
– To turn the No’s to Close! Effective and varied closing techniques to adapt to any situation
– How to identify upsell opportunities to add more business to your bottom-line
– When/How to follow up with the “Follow up Blueprint ™”
– How to strategically and effectively create personalized, realistic goals that will keep you focussed and on-task to grow your business 6 months, 1 year and up to 3 years out!

This program comes with a set of worksheets. After your purchase, you will receive a link in your inbox and the Master of Influence™ Online Program is yours. Learn at your own pace and grow!


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